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✧ Call me Red or Gabrielle ✧

I’m an aspiring illustrator who is obsessed with folklore, mythology, & anime. Fictional characters cause me endless pain & it is glorious.

[formerly theseeyesofmine]


live long & prosper

with the wild wolves around you

✧ *:・゚ Love Stage!!  *:・゚✧


Lydia? Lydia? Are you okay? Lydia?


momotaro and his pkmn counterpart ^_^

Actual Angel Sugawara Koushi


The Winter Soldier Series inspired by Olly Moss’ The Evil Dead

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“I don’t care about whose DNA has recombined with whose. When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching—they are your family.” 

I promise I’ll defeat you.

If you’re half the man your father was, Jim, Starfleet could use you. You can be an officer in four years. You can have your own ship in eight.

screw writing strong women…

“…all this uncertainty with You-Know-Who coming back, people think they might be dead tomorrow, so they’re rushing all sorts of decisions they’d normally take time over. it was the same last time he was powerful, people eloping left, right, and centre...”“Including you and Dad.”  "Yes, well, your father and I were made for each other, what was the point in waiting?"